Window display featuring the pendants.Backwall display.Unique designs and concepts come through the door frequently at Grafix Shoppe. There are times when clients has a design or concept in mind, but they are not sure what materials will bring the most impact to the design, or how the design can be even be produced. The Grafix Shoppe team excels at listening to clients’ conceptual ideas, and then providing solutions and options for execution of the design. We recently had a challenge from a retail client who was opening a new fashion line called Maison Jules.

The Challenge:
Maison Jules is a French inspired fashion line that launched in a limited number of retail stores on August 1, 2013. The designers wanted an in-store environment to reflect the look of their chic Parisian line. The main design element is a toile pattern that is used on their back wall display, pendant, and banner to achieve a French antique look.

The main challenge to this display was creating fabric for the pendant. The pendant is a wire metal fixture that hangs from the ceiling, from which hang hundreds of ripped strips of muslin. Muslin is a loosely woven cotton fabric selected for its look and feel consistent with the Maison Jules aesthetic. They also wanted the interior ring of muslin strips to have the toile scene printed on them.

We engineered a way to print the toile scene on the light material, Muslin. We had three weeks to obtain the material, engineer and perfect a solution, produce the displays for 150 stores, and then ship them out by the in-store date. 

Challenge accepted.

Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week.

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