In Store Displays.Store Front Display.The Solution:

The initial challenge was sourcing 1700 yards of a specific color and weave of muslin to be delivered to our Minnesota facility within 1.5 weeks.  Generally, obtaining this amount of material generally requires an order with a mill outside the US, with lead times of 6-8 weeks.  After scouring fabric wholesalers in New York City’s garment district, we found one whose supplier had enough of the correct fabric in a warehouse in Baltimore. The order was placed and the material arrived on schedule.

The next challenge was the printing process itself. Grafix Shoppe has a diverse and creative staff that works closely together to engineer innovative solutions to complex printing issues. Through teamwork and research and development, we developed a solution to print the toile scene on the muslin for mass production.

Other Maison Jules collateral:

While the muslin was logistically and technically the most challenging part of the project, there were several other items that had to be produced for the 150-store launch.  First of these was the canvas wall covering for the back wall. The graphic design was comprised of the same toile pattern as used on the muslin, to cover a 10’ wide x 8’ high area of the wall which forms the back of the Maison Jules shop.  A newly introduced digitally-printable canvas was ultimately chosen, and the image was color-matched to be identical to the muslin and form (mannequin) used in the shop.

The final collateral element was a canvas banner to be displayed on a custom-made metal banner stand. This was achieved using a commonly-available digitally-printable canvas, again color-matched to the other elements.

A select number of flagship stores with display windows received additional Maison Jules materials from Grafix Shoppe. The stores received custom-made armoires or trees produced by Spaeth Design, world-renowned manufacturer of animated window displays. Grafix Shoppe supplied them with canvas material printed with the toile pattern which they fit and adhered to the props they produced.

Grafix Shoppe works with a number of high profile clients; we are often faced with challenges for large scale jobs, requiring quick turnarounds. We appreciate and embrace the opportunity to offer our expertise on design, print, and shipping challenges that our clients bring to us.  We do not under any circumstances miss in-store deadlines.

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