3M Wrap Film Series 1080 has helped reshape the world of Police Car Graphics. There are so many color options, finishes, and now textures that allow departments to put their own unique touch to their designs. Now you can easily wrap specific parts of a car such as doors, fenders, hoods, roofs, or create custom racing stripes. There are over 50 colors and finishes to choose from and 3M is constantly in the lab creating new colors. Click HERE to view the color list.
Grafix Shoppe can assist your department in developing a knock-out look. Grafix Shoppe has been designing and producing Law Enforcement Graphics for over 25 years. We have the technology to digitally cut your wrap film to size for easy application. We also offer application tutorial videos on our website, or we can install your graphics ourselves. Grafix Shoppe has 3M certified installers.

Here are some examples of our customers who use 3M 1080 in their designs. 
Sparta Police Department - Ford Interceptor SUV
Black Gloss 3M 1080 stripe behind the graphicss
Saint Paul Police Department-Chevy Silverado
White Gloss 3M 1080 full door wraps.
Ashland Police Department - Chevy Caprice
Aluminum White Gloss 3M 1080 door wrap below the windows.
Exeter Police Department - Ford Interceptor SUV
Grey Aluminum Matte 3M 1080 graphics cut to shape.