Top 10 SUV Designs 2013

Posted on January 28, 2014

2013 was a great year for Grafix Shoppe in the Public Safety Vehicle department. We thought we would share with you some of our favorite SUV designs that we produced last year. Here is a list of our top ten SUV designs of 2013.


10. Exeter Police Department - Ford Explorer Interceptor 
With Door Legend & Emergency 911 on 3M Aluminum Matte 1080


9. University of Wisconsin Police - Ford Explorer Interceptor


8. Parmer County Sheriff's Office - Dodge Durango
Black Reflective Stealth Kit


7. Snowflake-Taylor Police Department - Chevy Tahoe  
Graphic Kit ULT - 2022 Modified K-9 Unit


6. Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department- Chevy Tahoe


5. University of Houston  - Clear Lake – Ford Explorer Interceptor


4. Vernon Police Department - Ford Explorer Interceptor
Graphic Kit ULT - 2148 Modified


3. Pooler Police Department - Ford Explorer Interceptor
Graphic Kit ULT - 2133 


2. Coldwater Police Department – Ford Explorer Interceptor
Graphic Kit ULT - 2152



1. Coppel Police Department – Chevy Tahoe

 If you are interested in viewing more, click HERE


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President Mike Donovan highlighted in ProActs Annual Report

Posted on January 21, 2014



Grafix Shoppe President Mike Donovan and Grafix Shoppe were written about in an excellent article in the ProAct 2013 Annual report here is an exerpt;

Leadership, flexibility and production knowledge are a few of the highlights for William Ruse at Grafix Shoppe in Eagan, where his supervisors have witnessed a personal transformation resulting from his work. The family atmosphere was a welcome change for Ruse. Some companies simply want the product done and don’t have  concern for the individual, he explains. “Here they care about you.”

The employee works on crews of two or more, scraping excess material from acrylic lettering and other sign related handwork. Ruse’s case manager had recommended him for an independent job, but he prefers the group environment offered through work enclaves.Site Supervisor Sandy Vang is well-liked by Ruse. “Who’s your favorite staff, Willie?” she asks. “That would be Sandy,” he responds.

Having nicknames for employees is a tradition maintained by Grafix Shoppe President Mike Donovan, who said he wants people to be included. “They (ProAct workers) are fully integrated into our culture, with jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats– they’re totally part of our culture,” he said.

“It’s good for this business to have a relationship with ProAct, and seeing the results of these men and women, it’s gratifying,” Donovan said. The company leader said work is dignity, no matter who a person is or what they do. “It’s doing something that’s productive.”

ProAct, Inc. is an organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities and other challenges with a wide range of client services that enhance employment skills and self-sufficiency capabilities.

If you are interested in viewing the complete newsletter click HERE. The article is on Page 4.

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Ford Explorer Interceptor Fire Staff Utility

Posted on January 20, 2014

We recently marked some Fire Staff & Utility Vehicles for Elk River Fire & Ambulance in Elk River, Minnesota. Here are some photos of their red Ford Explorer Interceptor in their fleet with custom graphics.





If you are interested in seeing more of our Fire Staff & Utility  work visit our photo gallery HERE.

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Grafix Shoppe's Top 5 Vehicle Wraps of 2013

Posted on January 16, 2014


In 2013 Grafix Shoppe saw plenty of unique and interesting vehicle wraps come our way. Here is our top 5 vehicle wrap list of 2013.

5. Children’s Hospital Mobile Education Unit 

Vehicle Wrap_MN_Childrens Hospital

4. Night Owl Discovery Prius Partial Wrap

Vehicle Wrap_MN_Toyota_Prius

3. Custom Jeep Wrangler Wrap 

Vehicle Wrap_MN_Custom_Jeep_Wrangler

2. Minnesota Timberwolves Crunch Ambulance

Vehicle Wrap_MN_Timberwolves_Ambulance

 1. Fiska Karma Wrapped in 3M 1080 Chrome Vinyl

Vehicle Wrap_MN_Karma Fiska_1080_Chrome

The Fiska Karma job was contracted to Grafix Shoppe by 3M to test out their new 1080 Chrome Vinyl the results were stunning as you can see. We are looking forward to what kind of vehicle wraps come our way in 2014.

If you want to see more pictures of vehicle wraps check out our photo gallery HERE.



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Customize your own Banners

Posted on January 8, 2014

Digital_Print_Large Format_Banners

Send us your design or talk to us about your idea's and we'll make your banners look great!
Announce an anniversary or festival to your community, beautify and identify Downtown or Main Street, promote community activities and programs important to the City or Town's image.

Click here for general pricing & to view the Design Gallery



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January 2014 Design of the Month

Posted on January 6, 2014


Design of the month_Vehicle_Graphic

Celina Police Department, (OH)

Our first Design of the Month for 2014 comes from the Celina Police Department in Ohio. They shot an excellent photo of their Dodge Charger and Ford Interceptor marked with our modified graphic kit number ULT 2004.

"We are still loving the new graphics and we get a lot of compliments about them."

Brian Taylor
Celina Police Department

If you are interested in being considered for Grafix Shoppe Design of the month please send us photos of your vehicles to 

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New Ambulance Graphics

Posted on January 3, 2014

A little photo shoot of an ambulance we recently marked here at Grafix Shoppe. If you are interested in viewing more ambulance graphics that we have done in the past click HERE





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