September Design of the Month

Posted on September 2, 2014

Design of the Month

City of Dublin Police Department, (CA)

Grafix Shoppe's September Design of the Month comes from the City of Dublin in California. The customer sent us a photo of our graphic kit ULT 2146 on brand new white Dodge Chargers. Here is what their Lieutenant had to say about their new design:

"The Dublin Police recently changed make and model of vehicle and decided it was time to update our graphic as well. When our new Dodge Charger was rolled out with the new graphic, both staff and citizens were extremely impressed. On a regular basis we have citizens asking if they can take a photo of our vehicle. This is definitely a huge change from our old 'all white' crown vics which were laughed at when compared to a black and white vehicle. I believe the new vehicle and design gives our staff and citizens pride to be working and/or living in this city and believe this design should be showcased as a design of the month. Thank you for what you do."

Nate Schmidt
City of Dublin Police Department

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